• Dave Raaum

Yeah, what do you photograph?

So you are having a conversation with someone you just met, and at some point you talk about what you like to do. Not necessarily what you do for a living but something that you do when you are not working. Invariably, I mention that I am a photographer, or that I have a bunch of cameras. One thing leads to another and at some point, usually sooner than later, you are asked what do you photograph. I knew this was going to happen, it always does, and I just don't have a stock answer. I want to have a stock answer, for example, I like to shoot flowers next to mountain streams in Colorado, or something like that. But I take too many pictures of too many different things to answer it quickly or easily.

I shoot people, I shoot landscapes, I shoot cars, I shoot airplanes, I shoot macro (tiny things shot real close so they look big), I shoot street, and the list goes on and on. I will probably never garner a mass following because I haven't found my niche. What is a niche - this is when you have a particular style that you have cultivated almost ever since you had your first camera. It's the subject that drives you and your photography. It's what you live for and it's the subject people think of when they hear your name.

Well I shoot lots of images and I'm having a hard time saying this or that is my niche. I guess it will come to me and my figurative focus (not the camera focus) will sharpen to the point where most of my effort goes in that one area. But for now, it's some of this and some of that. Here are some pictures that happened recently (well some not so recently). I hope you enjoy the mix.

Lonestar Lemans a few years ago.

Red, white and blue - how fitting for the 4th of July.

Action shot from the racing.

Be a patron of Patron.

Super fans at COTA.

I call it Mustang Sky and it's a real change of pace.

Sunset over the South San Gabriel - from our backyard.

Samson 7 and Kathy from a couple years ago.

Missouri mushroom from ground level - film picture.

Jaguar Curves.

Curves from the 30's.

Corvette Curves.

Old Wheels.

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