• Dave Raaum

San Miguel NYE Bullfight

It was the afternoon of New Years Eve and we were going to gu to the bullfight. First time ever.

The guys behind the panel are there to save the bullfighter if needed.

We got there before the crowd settled in. The picture that opens this blog post was taken much later in the afternoon after all the preliminary festivities had taken place. As I recall there were two major bullfighters performing this afternoon. The end result was the same for both of them. The bull lost. What I didn't know was that the bull was pretty exhausted and rendered almost incapable of self-defense by the moment of victory. Earlier action by the bullfighter had left the bull unable to raise his head and do any real damage.

The end is near. And we all know it, even the bull.

The end is near and the bull is pleading for relief. I did not capture the moment of "victory." Just could not do it.

The afternoon was quite a spectacle and while we enjoyed the music and the pageantry, I don't think we will be going again anytime soon.

This guy's job is to remove the dead bull from the ring.

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