• Dave Raaum

I Must Get Organized

OK, this thought hits me every now and then, and through the years I have patiently learned that if I just ignore it, the urge to get organized will eventually go away. As my camera collection grew, the urge came over me more often. Well, on Memorial Day our friends Matt and Jessica surprised me with a new shelf unit for my camera collection. It is really a fine piece of furniture that had a former life as a china cabinet (I think) and at that time was the color of all those old china cabinets, kind of a dark brown. Matt spent several hours refinishing the cabinet in a much lighter color and I have to tell you it looks great in my bedroom office upstairs.

I cropped the image above the doors, but behind those doors on the lower third of the cabinet I have lenses and other accessories for cameras. The unit also includes drawers and I have filled one of them with some of the film for the cameras pictured above. If you look closely at the cameras, you will see a Leica M4, two Rolleiflex medium format cameras, a Kodak Vest pocket Hawk-Eye camera, a Pentax Spotmatic, a Nikon S3 (S3 2000) , an Olympus Pen FT, a Pentax 645 medium format, a Nikon F6, and a Nikon FM2 with motordrive. (I have more film cameras, they just are not on the shelf). I love old film cameras, and all these, except the Hawk-Eye, are in prime shooting condition.

This is only a subset of the film I have in the house. There are two bags in the freezer with outdated film that I should really start shooting before long.

It wouldn't be fitting to end it here without adding some pictures shot on film. Some are recent and some are from a few years ago. That just proves the timeliness of film; the resolution is what it is, megapixels are a relatively new thing.

Old Wheels, New Madrid, NM (1990)

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, Albuquerque, NM (2003)

Mushroom, Hermann, MO (1994)

Stairs to Nowhere, Taos Pueblo, NM (2003)

New Catholic Church, Taos Pueblo, NM (1990)

Still photo from "The Newton Boys" shot on our bridge over the South San Gabriel.

Sitting On Top, Telluride, CO

On the Monarch Trail in Mexico (Olympus Pen FT half frame)

Nantucket Island, MA (2005)

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